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Curtains in Dubai

Anybody will tell you that it’s the curtains which make room but only and only if they are chosen correctly. Keeping in mind that when it comes to the right window treatments, following things one should consider are colour, fabric, lining, length and custom-made curtains against the off-the-shelf curtains. It's very easy to get overwhelmed, so it is recommended that you take your time in choosing the curtains.

We bring to you some of the best curtains and blinds in Dubai, choose anything from curtains for living rooms to blinds in your bathrooms.

We Know our Colours & We know our Fabrics

It is the material which will decide how the curtains will fall along the window, light fabrics will move with the breeze a heavier fabric will hold their position. If they end up too heavy, they will not fold when they are drawn, if they are too light, then they may not fall well. It goes without saying that fabric is a crucial part of choosing the curtains.

The best way to choose which fabrics are suitable for you is to hold them against the window, it is suggested that you should pleat them like an accordion at the top and let it drape by itself. If you start to notice that they have begun to flare like a piece of crinoline, then it's best not to choose those fabrics as they won't be able to fall nicely on the window. We do it all for you in our home or office visits.

Most of you probably know that sunlight fades fabrics in the long run. So, it's best to avoid bright colours in the fabrics if the room gets a lot of bright light as fabrics with bright colours tend to fade faster. Our experts recommend going with the neutral colours as they blend into the décor of the room.

Choices like linen, velvet, faux silk and silk are perhaps the best options for the fabrics as they tend to hang the best.
Dubai Curtains

Lining and the length

It is recommended that you should know how high you are going to have the curtains before deciding to take out the tape measure, you should always hang the curtains six inches from the frame of the window. You also have the option of going a little bit high if you want a more dramatic look.

It is advised to measure from the windows' top to the floor, and no matter what type of look you want, you will achieve it. If by any chance, you plan to use the curtains to shut the sun, then it's best to add in those extra inches around the window's perimeter which will help you in keeping the sunlight out.

Our custom window treatments are known to offer many benefits. You have the option of customising the dimension as per the size of the window and create a tailored look that suits your tastes.

There are many custom panels which are known to come in multiple design options, We have been creating curtains for many years, and we can quite confidently say that we can offer you the very best services. Coupled with our extensive knowledge, design expertise along with our years of experience, we can make your styles and ideas come to life.

Why Us?

We offer an extensive range of fabrics from various leading brands, and they are specially priced as well as styled to suit everyone, no matter what the budget is.

Since we are very much design-oriented, whatever work we take on our hand is very much personal and unique and finished to the highest standards using materials of great premium quality.

We offer a free visit at your home or office, show the samples, take the measurement, give the quotation and make and install the curtains.

If you have any ideas and queries, then you are welcome to discuss them with us

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