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Dubai Shutters

If you are looking for an alternative to curtains, draperies, blinds why not go for the shutters? Not only are they an attractive and a fresh option, but they are also known to regulate light as well as insulating against heat and noise.

Moreover, shutters are also known to provide maximum privacy. Even for those who are prone to allergy, they are a much better option as they are much easier to clean than the usual fabric window treatments along with providing value to your home.

No matter what the styles and the shapes of your window frames, there are always shutters to suit the home.

Styles You Will Love

We have made to measure shutters in the style you would love.

There are many interior shutters which have a horizontal Louvre and can be adjusted up and down, with the aid of a vertical rod the shutters can be tilted to let the varying amount of light into the room.

Having originated from England, the traditional shutters are known to have wedge-shaped Louvre. They come in handy as they are shallow and can be mounted on a window frame.

Plantation shutters have originated in the European and the Mediterranean countries. They are known to have full elliptical shaped Louvre. Being brought by Spanish to the American South, they were a natural fit for the plantations.

These slats being wider are known to make a dramatic architectural statement with lending the plantation shutters a sophisticated look.
Dubai Shutters

Lining and the length

Another type of shutters is the panel shutters. Having no Louvre, they are known to have a moulding-like trim with featuring decorative cut outs; though the shutters have to be opened so that the light can be let in.

Materials That We Use

We use the best materials available.
The wood shutters are often a lightweight hardwood with a consistent colour along with a tight grain that is known to resist moisture as well as taking stain naturally.

Engineered wood shutters are known to come pre-finished and are known to have a smooth or wood-grain finish. Made of wood fibres as well as strands, they are bonded together which in turn produces a composite unit that is not only stronger but is also stiffer than the natural wood.

Another one of the alternatives of natural wood is Poly-wood. They are known to be highly energy efficient and is made of recyclable synthetics that are designed to be secure as well as stable as the surface is baked they are not likely to chip, warp or even crack. They are available in two colour tones – off white and standard white – but they can be custom painted with any colour of your choice.

Get the Shutters You Want

We are one of the most preferred curtains and blinds company in Dubai. Having an extensive set of knowledge and expertise, we are driven by professionalism and quality. We take special care in our customers so that we will be able to provide good value for money.

We are dedicated and committed wholeheartedly to delivering the very best of services to our customers by exceeding their expectations.

To achieve our goals, we have a dedicated team of experienced employees as well as designers who are trained professionally and will work with you to deliver the very best results.

We offer a free visit at your home or office, show the samples, take the measurement, give the quotation and make the shutters according to your requirement.

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